Welcome to the site dedicated to the application Gig SetList Player.

February 2017 : Version 3.3 is available on the stores.
New  authorization interface with Dropbox according to the new DropBox specications.

Adding the  support of BlueTooth pedals with three commands : Prev page , Next page  , Enter .
When in the list view, one can pass from one tune to the next or previous one with the Prev/Next command.
The Enter command is used to pass from List view to Lyrics view.
When you are in the Lyrics View, the first use of the Next command launch the playback track and the scrolling.
When you are in the Lyrics View, if scrolling is on, the Enter command stops the scrolling and the playback. A new  Enter command again, pass to to the List screen.


To come in 2016, the PDF support for the Android version.

October 6th : Version 2.2 is available on AppStore, add support for PDF files.

New release  version 2.0 is now available on AppStore and GooglePlay.

In this version, you can modify and of create your own setlist directly on your IPad or  Android tablet.
You also have the possibility to modify and create the lyrics of the songs directly on your tablet.
You can save all your modifications on your DopBox.
Easy to use.

To come, connect a  BlueTooth pedalboard …

Here are available , instructions  about Gig Setlist PLayer App

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