DropBox Synchronization

Well, now lyrics, audio files, scores are ready ?

It’s time to transfered all this stuff on your DropBox.

During the DropBox authorization the folder setlistPlayer has automatically been created in the folder Apps in your DropBox

In this folder, you are going to create 3 more folder named :.

  • audio
  • chords
  • lyrics

In the setlistPlayer/audio folder, copy all your audio files.


In the setlistPlayer/chords folder, copy all your image files (png,jpeg).


In the setlistPlayer/lyrics folder, copy all your lyrics files (.txt).


In the setlistPlayer folder, copy all your set list files (.csv)


Well, now you can synchronize your DropBox folder with the setlistPlayer app on your touchpad / computer.

In the top right menu, choose Synchro dropbox

../../_images/en_butsync1.png ../../_images/en_boxsync1.png

Then push the Sync. button to launch the sync.


The first synchronization may take a long time, because all files on your DropBox folder, are downloaded, be patient ....

The files name are scrolling ...


Until complete sync.


Now, you can enjoy the Gig Setlist Player app.

Update files

When you add files on your DropBox folder or when you update files, only these files are synchronized.


Since version 2 of Gig SetList Player, the Dropbox Synchro allow you to copy files (setlist and lyrics) from your Ipad to your DopBox directory