What is Gig Setlist Player App.


Why this application ?

You are a musician, singer and for your gigs, you use a big ring binder on stage ??

So this application is made for you !

It will replace that big ring binder on stage !

Lyrics, chords, scores ... are now under your eyes, driven by your fingers

If you use background play back traks, you will be able to embeded them. You should control play and volume from your TouchPad.


** You will be able to synchronize the lyrics scrolling with your playback tracks or in function of the duration of the tune. ** As a teleprompter, you will have under the eyes, the words you’re singing

This is made possible by a tricky system which can record your actions on the speed scroll .

All these fuctions are describe in the next sections.

Supported files format

For the lyrics the .txt (raw) and .pdf are supported.

For scores, chords ... the .png, .jpeg and .pdf are supported.

For playback traks .mp3 is supported.


THis App is available on AppStore and Play Store.

Minimum Configuration

This App is compatible with :

  • iOs6 on Ipad et Iphone
  • Android 4.4.2 mini

You will need a DropBox account`DropBox <https://www.dropbox.com/>`_


Good News : Since version 2 of Gig SetList Player, the use of LibreOffice is not necessary any more

And for the setlists creation, you will need LibreOffice


The use of a computer is more than recommended for the edition of lists and transfer of files towards DropBox.