Setlist creation and modification

When you have the setlist loaded


Touch this button :


Then you will get this screen :


To modify one row, touch a cell (name, author ...) the keyboard will appear, then, change the cell content.

f you want to reorder the tunes, you just have to type a new number in the order column, for example, if you replace 9 by 2, the tune #9 become tune #2, and all other tunes are moved downward

On the cells Lyrics, Audio file and Chords , if you touch quickly two times the cell, you will get access to a file picker:


The available files (lyrics, audio or chords ) are the files synchronized from your DopBox (see DropBox Synchronization).




allows to add a tune in the list



allows to delete a tune in the list.

To save your modifications, touch this button :


And you will get this dialog


If you touch Ok, you will have to confirm the name of the list You can enter a new name to create a new list



When you create or modify a list, you can save it on your DropBox by using the button Synchro DopBox (see DropBox Synchronization).