User Interface Presentation

The application presents two panes :

  • The tunes list.
  • The lyrics display.

You pass from a pane to the other one by simple sliding on the screen.

You can also used the tabs headers Set List and Lyrics on left top corner on screen.



On first launch of the App, you will have to authorize Gig Setlist Player to used your DropBox ( see Gig Setlist Player The First Launch ).


The Set Lists creation is describe here : Setlist creation and modification.

The Tunes List

If you have more than one set list available, you will be prompted to choose which list you want to load


Each line contains an icon, le tune title, the author, and miscellaneous informations you have entered in your set list (see Setlist creation and modification).

When a tune is selected, its name appears on top of the list, if this area is empty, it’s because no tune is selected.


When a tune is selected,the lyrics (if any) are automaticaly loaded.


The icon located on the most left of the line in the list is one of Loud speaker


, or a sheet


When the icon is loud speaker, this means that it exists an audio file for this tune, in this case, you can launch the player with the Play button in the most top right menu.

The audio starts the words (if any) scroll.

When the icon is a sheet, this means that there is no audio file for this tune, but, this doesn’t mean there is lyrics. If lyrics are available, the Play button will start the scrolling (see Lyrics scrolling Automation).

This icon is also a button, when it is pushed it displays the images (photos ...) which can be chords, scores, your Mum ...


So, anything you need can be embedded in the App. if the file format is one of .png ou .jpeg. (see Setlist creation and modification).


Images can be huge, try to reduce their size.

This button, open a new window where you can changes colours and fonts.

../../_images/tool.png ../../_images/en_toolsmenu.png

The button Delete current list and files allows you to delete all files referenced in the current playlist.


A confirmation for this action will be displayed

Use this action if you want in to release from the space of storage.


Give access to the setlist editor which will allow you to modify or create setlists (voir Setlist creation and modification).


Will allow you to switch from a setlist to another one.


After the icon, comes informations about the tune :

  • The title
  • The composer
  • The year
  • etc...

These informations come from the set list file you have created (see Setlist creation and modification).