Gig Setlist Player The First Launch

On the first launch of Gig Setlist Player App , an example of a set list will be loaded.

This sample includes two examples tunes.

One tune comes with lyrics, audio file and an image file with the chords.

The other tune comes with lyrics only.

You so can you familiarize with the features of Gig Setlist Player.

First Synchronization

When your own list, lyrics ... will be ready, you will be ready for the first synchronization with your DropBox.

You will have tap the Sync button in the menu (right top)


The default internet browser will be launched, and you will be invited to sign in into your DropBox account


Then, you will have to authorize the Gig Setlist Player app to used your DropBox.


If you click on Authorize, you will get the following message


The, you can go back to the PlaylisPlayer app and click on the Ok button.


If the Ok button is unresponsive, quit the application and close all open applications, then launch Gig Setlist Player


The synchronization then begins


The files names are going to be displayed as they are downloaded on your touchpad/computer.



The first synchronization may take a long time, because all files, on your DropBox Gig Setlist Player folder, are going to be downloaded, be patient ....

When the synchronization ended, you will get this message


That’s all, now let’s go to play and sing on the stage ...