Lyrics scrolling Automation


“Must” that the other applications do not have, it is that Gig Setlist Player assures the scrolling of the lyrics, synchronized with your interpretation.

In promter mode, you will find, in the middle of the screen, a white highlight zone where are the current lyrics that you are singing.

To do that, let’s go in the lyrics pane


In this pane, we have a second menu, on the left of the first one.

Now we are going to be able to adjust the speed of scrolling the text.

By default, the text will scroll when the Play button will be pressed, even if there is no audio file.

The speed of the scrolling is computed according of the tune duration and the number of lines in the lyrics file.

For example, a tune of 3 mn of duration which have a lyrics of 20 lines will scroll slower than a tune of 3 mn with a 100 lines of lyrics .

But this is not so linear, and, from time to time, you will have to increase or decrease the scroll speed.

For example, let’s take this tune, with an instrumental chorus of 8 bars long, between 2 verses.

He used to carry his guitar in a gunny sack Go sit beneath the tree by the railroad track Oh, the engineers would see him sitting in the shade Strumming with the rhythm that the drivers made People passing by they would stop and say Oh my that little country boy could play


Go go Go Johnny go Go Go Johnny go Go ...

In this previous example, you will probably have to decrease or stop the scrolling during the guitar chorus.

Now we have to store this action, thus we do not have to repeat it each time we play this tune.

Here, we are going to use the scrolling automation.

Scrolling Automation Menu

In this menu, we have two buttons.


The Clear/Cleared button

This top button is used to erase the current automation of the loaded tune.

The label of this button is Cleared if no automation exists.

The Record Button

This button is used to record the speed variations of the text scrolling.


This button is enabled if there is no automation for the current tune. The current tune automation can be erased with the Clear button.


When the recording is on, the button’s colour become red, and the caption become Recording, the information Recording is shown on the left of the button menu.

You will notice than in recording mode, there is two new button displayed on the bottom right of the text zone.

../../_images/en_record.png ../../_images/en_moreless.png

With these buttons, we are going to be able to increase or decrase the scroll speed.

Record the automation

Well, now you have activate the recording, you are going to push the Play button (top right menu)

The text is scrolling, for decrease the speed, push this button


For increase the speed, push this button


When the tune ended, the automation is completely recorded.

Now, each time you select this tune, will have the information Automation displayed on top of the screen (on the left of the menu) .